Professional Consultants Certificates

The cost effective alternative to structural warranties

Why Choose Professional Consultants Certificates 

Recognised by Council of Mortgage Lenders

Accepted by High Street Lenders mortgage provider

All Checks Carried Out by Qualified Surveyors

Save an Average of 50% Compared to a Structural Warranty

Building Control

Can be taken on Part Complete/Completed projects

Professional Consultant Certificates


If a property development is to be sold, rented or financed against upon completion, a form of comfort that is recognised by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) will need to be in place on the property.
This can come in the form of a Building Warranty or in the form of a Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC).
Our certificates can be taken for six or 10 years and as there is no premium element, meaning on average you can save over 50% when compared to a structural warranty or latent defects insurance product. are specialist providers of Professional Consultants Certificates and can also offer a range of other services such as Building Control, Bank Monitoring.

Our Council of Mortgage Lenders recognised Professional Consultants Certificates serve a similar purpose to Architects Certificates but have a number of distinct advantages.
Our Professional Indemnity covers single unit values up to £3 million which is significantly higher than many Architects Certificates which sometimes only provide cover up to £500,000.
Our independent professional monitoring team work for you and have no conflict of interest in your project. As such, they can help you ensure that your project is being built to the highest standard and you can rely on them to provide helpful, objective audits of your development.

By combining these services, we save our clients considerable overlap of effort an expenditure.

If you would like to find out more information about how we can help you save money on your project, please call on 0203 585 3353.

Key Benefits

CML Compliant

Our certificates are recognised by the Council of Mortgage Lenders and are CML guide line compliant


Our surveyors can be appointed and on site within a matter of days

Cost Effective

Our certificates offer an average saving of over 50% compared to a Structural Warranty


Add building control, SAP testing, EPCs and Bank Monitoring to your package in order to save more money

Mortgage Ready

Our certificates are recognised by the vast majority of mortgage lenders and can be used as comfort to raise a mortgage

Upgrade Available

If required, we can upgrade your plan to a Structural Warranty for the cost of the difference

BUILDING CONTROL is an independent provider of Building Control (Building Regulation) Services. We team with leading approved inspectors to ensure you receive a professional service.

What is Building Control?

Building Regulations in England and Wales are set by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG). These are standards for the design and construction of buildings to ensure the safety and health of the people who use those buildings. The standards also include requirements to ensure energy efficiency (the conservation of fuel and power) and accessibility (providing facilities for people, including those with disabilities, to gain access and move around inside buildings).

Changes to Regulations

When undertaking any project that requires permission under the building regulations there is a choice of who you use to provide that service. Historically there was only one choice, the local authority, but since 1997 anyone undertaking a project has the option to choose a private, licensed company to provide the service. These companies are approved inspectors and their tailor made services may better suit a client’s needs. Government and industry recognise that competition in this sector has had a positive impact, providing a stimulus for greater efficiency and higher standards of customer service.

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