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Barn Conversion Warranty

Barn Conversion Warranty

There have been occasions where we have recommended professional consultant’s certificate as a more suitable solution to a barn conversion warranty. There are instances where insurers view barn conversions as a ‘higher risk’ or in extreme circumstances, will not offer cover at all.

One of the largest insurers has enforced a minimum premium cost of £25,000 regardless of the build cost, reinstatement or sales value.

Fortunately, we have access to a professional consultant’s certificate that is fully compliant with the council for mortgage lenders and widely accepted by high street banks. So in instances where a client is searching for a solution and the warranty market is either; over priced or cover isn’t available, the PCC is a welcome option.

There are other providers of PCC’s, however, the majority of consultants have a level only offer cover upto £1m. We have the facility to cover up to £3m, which is normally sufficient for even the larger barn conversions out there.

To ensure the best price for a barn conversion warranty or PCC on a barn, you should take the policy out prior to work commencement on the conversion and make sure you have at the very least the list of information below:

  • A Detailed Site Plan – showing the site as a whole and its location.
  • Photographic Evidence – colour photos, both external and internal, showing all sides of the building, outbuilding, garages and any unusual features.
  • Structural Report – A detailed report (not just a condition survey) from a suitably qualified Professional (Building Surveyor / Structural Engineer) detailing the condition of the structure and its suitability for conversion.
  • Detailed Plans – A full set of plans and specification of works to be undertaken
  • Waterproof Envelope – (existing materials and those proposed to be used) as well as details of proposed Tanking, Damp Proof Membrane and Damp Proof Course
  • Ground Investigation Report including soil strength tests and contamination tests

We always advise our clients to contact us between 4-6 weeks before works start on site.

If you would like more information or a chat about your requirements, we’re well placed to assist with any queries. Please give us a call on 0203 701 0422

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