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Why Choose BuildSafe for Your Building Warranty Insurance Needs?

Why Choose BuildSafe for Your Building Warranty Insurance Needs?

BuildSafe is the largest specialist broker of building warranty insurance and has a wealth of experience in the UK property sector having worked with and on behalf of major developers and global institutions including Royalton Group, Investec & Harcourt. We have provided New Build Home Warranties, Retrospective Warranties, Refurbishments Warranties and Commercial Warranties on over 12,000 properties, with a total sum insured of over £16bn.

Our areas of speciality include medium to large-scale residential and commercial developments, super-prime and prime residential, new builds, conversions, refurbishments, part-complete and completed projects.

Our extensive panel of insurers is all underwritten by A-rated carriers and are fully compliant with the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

What are the advantages of using a broker for building warranty insurance?

We see our role as an independent advisor, who pragmatically pinpoints the positives of each insurer and policy while making well-balanced comparisons. Our first job is to understand you and the project at hand, then partner you with the most appropriate provider and terms.

We save you time in procuring quotes, analysing and comparing quotes, and negotiating the commercials. In addition, we manage the Structural Warranty process throughout the build and handle the all-important completion state, in relation to final certificates.

Can BuildSafe help make my business more efficient?

It’s widely felt that the warranty process is a time consuming and detailed process. In the first instances, developers are filling out multiple forms, for multiple providers, sending the supporting documents to multiple contacts to having the same conversation 4 or 5 times. We can act on your behalf, which means just one conversation, no forms and one email of supporting documents- freeing you up to focus on your business.

Will I be paying more as BuildSafe is a broker?

Our business depends on retention and referrals. It is important to state that the insurer will release the same terms to us, as they would to you directly. However, we will secure multiple quotes from a variety of insurers, meaning that we are well-positioned to leverage and finalise more favourable terms than the starting price. We have helped our clients save as much as 30%!

We are paid by the insurer for introducing the business to them, and this cost is included in the price quoted.

How can BuildSafe ensure my project gets independent advice?

We are an FCA regulated brokerage, so we are duty-bound to offer our clients the best-in-market advice. Aslatent-defect insurance is the only insurance we deliver for our clients, our knowledge and networks are extensive and far-reaching, resulting in best in class insurance, advice and value for money.

Have a question? Give us a call to discuss your building warranty insurance needs on 0203 701 0422 or fill in our contact form.

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