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Public Liability Insurance for Roofers

Public Liability Insurance for Roofers

When providing roofing services for public places, you will need to get Public Liability Insurance for roofers. As with other insurance policies, this cover will give you peace of mind, as you will not be personally liable for any costs resulting from damages to the roof. Also, other unexpected costs you may incur while working on the roof will be covered by the insurance company. In this guide, we’ll learn more about Public Liability Insurance for roofers.

Does a Roofer Need Public Liability Insurance?

As a roofer, you may be required by companies and trade associations to purchase public liability insurance. This is because public liability claims can be very expensive, especially since damaged roofs can easily cause injuries and accidental deaths.

Without the insurance plan, you can suffer major losses and may even need to close up shop because of a single accident. With a Public Liability Insurance plan, you will be able to keep your operation going uninterrupted, even in the middle of legal issues.

It is worth noting that Public Liability Insurance is not legally required by the UK government, but lots of clients will need proof of insurance before selecting a roofer.

If you have employees, you will be required by the law to take out Employers’ Liability Insurance cover. This plan will cover accidental injury or accidents caused by your employees to a third party. It will also cover current and past employees who have been injured or unwell when working for you. In this case, legal and compensation costs will be covered by the insurer.

Roofers are also advised to get Contractors All Risk Insurance, even though this one is also not legally required. This plan is designed to cover your expensive tools and materials. With this insurance, you can avoid the high costs required to replace tools and materials whenever they are stolen, damaged, or lost. You can find out more about Contractors All Risk Insurance here.

What Does Public Liability Insurance Actually Cover?

Public Liability Insurance covers damages that you are legally liable to pay, when a claim is made against you as a result of an incident that has occurred in connection to your business activities. Depending on the level of Public Liability Insurance cover you take up, you will get coverage against the following:

  • Any injury caused by you or your employees to a third party
  • Any damage to the property caused by you or your employees
  • Injuries or sicknesses suffered by employees when working for you
  • The loss, theft, or damage of roofing tools
  • The loss, theft, or damage of business and office equipment
  • Delays or disruptions to the roofing work
  • Personal accidents suffered by you or your employees
  • Legal expenses because of issues such as property damage, tax disputes, and even disputes with members of staff

When buying Public Liability Insurance for roofers, you should compare the covers and prices. The premium you pay for this type of cover will depend on the level of cover required and the type of business you are in. Trades which pose a higher risk tend to be those that work with height, heat and water. Most insurers will also base their premium not only on the kind of business you are in, but also on turnover (not profit) as a way of estimating how active your business is. It is always advisable to weigh the costs of a policy premium versus the cost of a claim.

To find out the best cover for your specific needs and budget, you can get a tailored public liability quote for roofers within minutes.

Can You Claim on Your House Insurance for a New Roof?

Home insurance plans come in many different forms. If you want a plan that covers a new roof, you will have to make a direct request to your insurance provider. In most cases, the covers are meant to pay for roof damages that result from unexpected events such as the falling of trees or storms. Insurance providers will generally not be liable for roof damages that are caused by normal wear and tear.

Also, house insurance will not cover damages that result from poor maintenance. To prove that you have been taking care of your roof adequately, you will have to keep receipts of any work that has been done on it. In some cases, the insurance provider may fail to pay for the repairs if they are able to prove that the roof would have survived certain issues if it was properly maintained. For example, they can argue that strong winds or storms would not have blown away roof tiles if regular maintenance was observed.

While house insurance can cover the repair of roofs, it will rarely ever cover the cost of a new roof. For this reason, it is still essential to get public liability insurance for roofers.

Is Roof Damage Covered by Buildings Insurance?

Buildings insurance is meant to cover the cost of repairing damage to the structure of a building. Ideally, this plan should cover the entire cost of rebuilding the house, and that means roof damage will usually be covered by this insurance option. However, you should remember that the insurer will only pay for a new roof if it is proven that a new roof is needed. They may also choose the purchase/construction of a new roof if the cost of the repairs is higher than that of a new roof.

The insurer will also have to check the cause of the damage. In almost all cases, buildings insurance will not cover roofs that are damaged by wear and tear. Roofs that are damaged by unexpected causes such as vandalism and fires are more likely to be covered by buildings insurance. It is important to make enquiries as the nature of the plans varies from policy to policy.

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You may also want to consider Employer’s Liability Insurance and Product Liability Insurance for extra site protection.

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