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Structural Warranty by Build-zone – A Complete Guide

Structural Warranty by Build-zone – A Complete Guide

About Build-zone

Build-zone has been providing structural warranties for more than 25 years and is highly regarded in the construction industry. It offers 10-year structural warranties on new homes, commercial properties, and social housing units. In addition to the structural warranties, the company can arrange other insurance products, including contractors’ all risk, professional indemnity, as well as insurance backed guarantees.

Build-Zone is owned by Sennocke International Insurance Services Ltd., a company which is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

In this comprehensive guide, we will look at the structural warranty products offered by Build-Zone.

What types of projects does Build-Zone cover?

The first type of structural warranty covered by Build-Zone is the New Build Warranty, which is ideal for house-builders and developers who are looking for cover for their residential homes they are building, extending or converting.

Developments benefiting from a Build-Zone new home warranty, can expect cover for the following:

  • The structure, including the foundations, load-bearing parts of the floors and staircases, and the roof covering
  • The external finishing surface
  • The glazed panels to the external doors and windows
  • The floor decking
  • Any detached garages and outbuildings*

*It is important to read the terms carefully, as garages and outbuildings may not be covered in certain warranties.

Build-Zone also offers Commercial Latent Defects Insurance for new commercial buildings, conversions, and mixed-use developments of different sizes. Some properties that fall under this category include offices, rental spaces, and accommodation spaces.

Another type of cover offered by Build-Zone is the Social Housing Warranty. This product is available for new builds and converted properties, and they must be owned by UK housing associations, such as Clarion, The Guinness Partnership, PA Housing, and Peabody, to name just a few, or by registered social landlords. This warranty is also available for regeneration developments and certain mixed-use buildings.

Build-Zone also provides Self-build Warranty & Custom Build Warranty products, specially developed for individuals who want to construct their own homes. You can qualify for a self-build and custom build warranty when building new properties, conversions, renovations, or adding extensions to your property.

Build-Safe will provide a partnered approved inspector to facilitate your building control requirements and all inspections are audited by Build-Zone Survey Services Ltd (BZSS) to give you further peace of mind.


What is not covered under the Build-Zone structural warranty?

Structural warranties from Build-Zone usually cover major damages to the structural elements of the buildings.

Here are some aspects which are not covered by the warranty:

  • Damage resulting from neglect or a lack of maintenance
  • Damage resulting from regular wear and tear
  • Damage resulting from fires, floods, and other accidents
  • Cracking of the plaster finishes
  • Unfinished fittings
  • Uneven stairs

Generally, the warranty will not cover damages that aren’t related to the structural elements of the building. Accidental damage can be covered by home buildings policies.

If you are unsure whether certain forms of damage are covered by the warranty, we will be able to provide the clarity needed.

Why choose Build-Zone as your structural warranty provider?

One key advantage of Build-Zone is that its products are backed by A-rated insurers. This is extremely important as un-rated insurers may easily go into liquidation, and this leaves their policyholders without any cover. Since Build-Zone works with A-rated insurers, you can depend on the insurance companies to pay the claim should you suffer an insured loss.

Build-Zone is also approved by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute and is an associate of UK Finance. That means their structural warranty enjoys wide lender approval in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Another key benefit of Build-Zone, which is steadfast in its commitment to maintaining high standards and levels of quality, is that it works directly with its insurer partners. Since Build-Zone doesn’t go through intermediaries, it is able to secure better terms for the structural warranty products.

With a vast network of specially selected approved inspectors, specialist surveyors, engineers and architects in the UK and assigned certifiers in Ireland, Build-Zone’s structural warranty products and latent defects insurance covers all types of projects and developments nationwide.

Here are other benefits of structural warranties from Build-Zone:

  • The company offers fast quotation turnaround times
  • You can use a variety of payment methods
  • It supports full risk transfer between 3 and 10 years of the cover
  • The company covers part-completed and completed buildings

Does the Build-Zone structural warranty have wide lender approval?

Lenders in the UK and Ireland will require new homes to be covered by structural warranties. These protect the owner of the property against defects in design and construction. It is clear that lenders don’t just accept warranties from any company. However, Build-Zone enjoys wide lender approval, including from Lloyds Banking Group.

Here is a selection of lenders who currently accept the Build-Zone warranty:

You can always contact us if you are not sure whether your lender will accept the warranty.


Which mortgage lenders accept the new build warranty by Build-Zone?

Many mortgage lenders also accept the new build warranty offered by Build-Zone, and they include, amongst others:

As noted earlier, you can contact us to find out whether your mortgage provider will accept the warranty.


Build-Zone is a structural warranty provider that has been around for over 20 years. With wide lender approval, all warranties are underwritten by an ‘A’ rated global Insurer and each application is subject to a full technical review by Build-Zone Survey Services Limited. This helps to minimise any defects from the start of the project and provides assurance and peace of mind.

About Buildsafe

Buildsafe is the largest independent provider of structural warranties in the UK providing our clients with comprehensive cover and unbeatable prices due to the excellent relationships that we uphold with all A rated providers in the market, including Buildzone (or) ICW. With the Buildsafe team having over 40 years’ experience in the property sector our clients can be assured that they are in good hand as we use the most reliable and respected building warranty providers in the market. Due to our specialist knowledge of the market and our stable relationship with Buildzone (or) ICW, we are able to source the most competitive prices for our clients with our team knowing the best in market approach.

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