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Structural Warranty by ICW – A Complete Guide

Structural Warranty by ICW – A Complete Guide

About ICW?

ICW, International Construction Warranties, is the leading provider of construction warranties in the United Kingdom and one of the few providers to have been fully certified by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, making them one of just six providers of structural warranties in the UK who hold this certification.

In this comprehensive guide, we look at the structural warranty products offered by ICW.

What types of projects does ICW cover?

If you are a developer, homeowner or builder and are planning a new build or a renovation, you can obtain structural insurance warranties from ICW.

Even the best builders and contractors can make some mistakes. Structural warranty by ICW will give you peace of mind, as it will cover any structural defects in the construction of the building.

Structural warranties are also required by lenders and mortgage providers and the ICW prides itself on serving 97% of mortgage lenders, based on volume.

For projects with a reinstatement value of up to £50 million, ICW offers a high-value structural warranty scheme that provides 10 or 12 year structural warranty cover for major residential, commercial and mixed-use development projects. With a transparent and comprehensive underwriting process, a structural warranty from ICW will cover all structural elements of the building.

All ICW structural warranties are valid for ten years, and they include two key periods.

  • In the first two years after the completion of the project, your builder or developer will provide the initial warranty. If you have an issue with the property within this period, you should communicate with your builder or developer, and they will work with you to correct any such issues.
  • In three to ten years after the completion of the project, any structural defects in the building will be covered by the ICW structural warranty. If the costs of repair exceed the minimum stated value, the company will pay for the remedial works.

You should take steps to maintain your property as this may affect your warranty eligibility. You can ask your builder to advise you on the steps you should take to maintain your property and thereby ensure that a claim is not rejected.

importance of restraint straps Structural Warranty

Why choose ICW as your structural warranty provider?

With offices in London, Belfast, and South Shield, ICW is licensed by the CIC, the Construction Industry Council and provides support to clients undertaking residential and commercial builds across the UK.

A top provider of construction warranties, ICW has developed an excellent reputation for its quality structural warranty, with all inspections being carried out by an experience network of RICS regulated Chartered Surveyors from the internationally recognised Chartered Association of Building Engineers (CABE) and the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

When working with ICW, you can be sure of tailored warranties that meet your exact specifications, with cover which is designed to suit your specific project profile and premiums based on build cost, not sale price.

All warranties are underpinned by A-rated insurers who are financially resilient and with excellent capability to meet their continuing insurance obligations, ensuring you are protected. The policies provided by ICW are in turn covered in the United Kingdom by the FSCS compensation scheme.

As mentioned, ICW serves 97% of mortgage providers in the United Kingdom, covers tens of thousands of projects, and is among the largest suppliers of home warranties in the country.

Their systems and procedures have been certified fully by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, so you can expect the highest levels of professionalism and surety that you are adequately protected.

ICW also prides itself on its quick and stress-free settlement process. In the event of a claim, you will be able to get compensation quickly with minimal disruption to the construction project.

Similarly, quotes are provided fast and efficiently. They will send an authorised ICW inspector to run the initial appraisal, after which they will provide immediate cover. As noted earlier, ICW offers specially tailored warranties, so you should include any specific requirements in the quotation application. Their policies are flexible and and designed to cover your specific requirements.

Does the ICW structural warranty have wide lender approval?

The ICW enjoys wide lender approval. Here are some lenders who accept structural warranties from ICW:

The list of approved lenders keeps growing, so you can contact us to find out whether certain lenders will accept the warranty.

building warranty Structural Warranty

Which mortgage lenders accept the new build warranty by ICW?

A new build warranty, also called a new home warranty, is an insurance policy designed to protect homeowners of newly built, converted or refurbished properties from structural defects which may occur in the first 10 years after build.

While a new build warranty by ICW serves to protect the buyer, it is usually taken out by the developer or builder before the completion of sale, and covers the major structural elements of a new home from physical damage such as distribution systems, workmanship and load bearing structural components.

With new build structural warranties from ICW, you will also be able to get mortgages from lenders such as Bluestone Mortgages and Rooftop Mortgages.

Please contact us to find out whether your mortgage provider will accept the ICW warranty.


ICW is one of the largest and most respected providers of structural warranties in the United Kingdom and one of the few providers with an industry-approved consumer code.

With wide lender approval, ICW is known for its quick and efficient settlement process. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about delays or disruptions because of slow settlements. You should also note that the company enjoys wide lender approval.

Adding to this, warranties are underwritten by A-rated insurers, giving you peace of mind that you have steadfast financial support to cover any structural defects in the property.

About Buildsafe

Buildsafe is the largest independent provider of structural warranties in the UK providing our clients with comprehensive cover and unbeatable prices due to the excellent relationships that we uphold with all A rated providers in the market, including Buildzone (or) ICW. With the Buildsafe team having over 40 years’ experience in the property sector our clients can be assured that they are in good hand as we use the most reliable and respected building warranty providers in the market. Due to our specialist knowledge of the market and our stable relationship with Buildzone (or) ICW, we are able to source the most competitive prices for our clients with our team knowing the best in market approach.

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